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Would you hire a plumber to do your taxes? Obviously not.

So why do millions of people (non-accountants) file their own taxes?

To save money, of course.

At a certain point, hiring a professional makes sense. In return for the $500 investment, a professional accountant saves you time. The savings they offer offset the money you spent hiring them.

So why does my sister, who is a CPA (accountant), pay someone to file her taxes? Well, she specializes in corporate accounting. She also saves time and money by hiring someone who specializes in filing taxes.

Marketing Services

Who We Are

UAscend specializes in digital marketing for healthcare businesses. We understand your business because healthcare is where we came from.

We understand how things like insurance or reimbursement changes can impact your business.

We know about the liabilities that other businesses don’t have to take into consideration.

UAscend is a full-service, family-owned healthcare digital marketing company that offers customized solutions based on our decades of experience and listening to the needs of our clients.

Who You Are

Whether your business is just starting out or has been operating for decades, you are reading this because you know that if you are not willing to adapt, your business will not survive.

Chances are, you are looking for a specialist to help your business:

  • Attract more patients
  • Earn more revenue
  • Reduce expenses
  • Stick out from the competition
  • Stop losing referrals
  • Save time

Or you want to know if you can trust us.  Since trust builds over time, please feel free to check our testimonials or request a referral. We'd be happy to connect you with someone in your shoes!

Whatever the reason is, chances are that you are still here because:

  • Heard about us and wanted to check us out
  • You Googled online marketing for doctors or marketing for small business or how do I rank higher in Google or marketing for (your specialty) or best firms for healthcare consulting, or something similar
  • We reached out to you

Either way, you want to know if we offer something that benefits you and your business.

This page will not solve your problems or answer all of your questions! We would need to know more about you and if we have something that helps you!

You know that your industry is different.

What We Offer

Since every business is different and has specific goals, we start with a local analysis of where you are now. From there, we’ll make suggestions based on what you are looking to accomplish.

We have designated teams of professionals that specialize in:

  • Business branding (including logo design)
  • Building customized websites
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Digital Advertising
  • Social Media
  • Reputation Management
  • Business Listings

You can find hundreds of digital marketing companies who are happy to work with healthcare businesses. There are thousands of freelancers around the globe that may seem like a bargain.

Test them out- you may get lucky.

Or partner with a family-owned business that understands your industry.

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